Two Months of Blogging, and What Next!

It has been two months since I wrote my first blog. I have written eight posts till now, spread over the same number of weeks. Never realized that a computer project for school would turn into a hobby. But, it completely changed my personality and the way I look at the world. I had to research for the whole week to write an article every Sunday. This kept me busy and helped to do something productive.

The whole idea was not just to let you know about my opinions, but also to understand the topics myself. So, in a way, it assisted me to have clarity. And clear thinking is sine qua non for clear writing. Amit Varma, a blogger and a podcaster, writes in his article, ‘A Mediation on Form’ about how medium shapes the messenger. He writes, “I found the satisfaction of having long conversations incomparable to anything I had done before. In a trivial way, the nature of the medium changed the nature of the content I put out. In a less trivial way, it also changed me.” This applies to writing as well. What this means in a simple way is, you have to prepare a lot more to write a 700 words or a 1500 words or a 3000 words article than one with 300 words. As the size of the article increases, the preparation for it increases as well. This changes your mindset and in turn, modifies your personality. I have experienced it in the last two months. Blogs have given me a chance to express myself freely. Writing without limits has liberated my mind, which couldn’t have happened in this twitter era. Blogs have become ‘old fashioned’ now, and many other platforms have taken its place, but it has proved to be an excellent tool for passionate writers like me.

Now that I have talked about my blogging experience so far, I would also like to share my future plans with you all. I am planning to write more personal blogs from now onwards. Also, ‘Book reviews’ is one of the categories I am looking forward to. From mythology to fiction to cricket, some very interesting genres are lined up. Although ‘Economics’ will remain my favourite. I am currently reading a book on Indian banking and will write about it as soon as I complete it. I will also post my old speeches given in various debate competitions, considering that no new competitions are going to be held any time soon.

But all these efforts are because of friends and relatives, whom I would like to thank for being a consistent reader. And all those who have helped me intentionally or unintentionally to do all this. Nothing could ever be achieved without them. It has been a great journey so far and I hope it will remain the same.

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