A Break that Lasted Too Long

Hello everyone, how are you all? It has been four weeks since I wrote my last blog. And I didn’t forget about it. I had actually taken a break from a few things and was trying to achieve mental minimalism for quite some time. This was because I felt I was being much too overloaded. It is the first time I felt like that, and the first time I started thinking about mental health.

After the covid-19 pandemic started, almost everything went online, including education. This has taken a heavy toll on students’ mental health. Not being able to meet friends, or enjoy the happy moments at school, students are definitely feeling stressed out sitting in an echo chamber all day for over a year now. It feels like a caged bird flapping her wings, desperate to be free. What does not help is that we live in an era of cut throat competition where even a six year old girl is complaining to the Prime Minister about her workload and the fact that classes are stretched for long boring hours.

Thus, I felt a need for a break. During this time, I drastically reduced the number of activities. I cut down on my news consumption, read books lesser than usual, and of course didn’t write any blogs. However, I added some activities as well. I have started to go for a jog every morning which helps me stay fresh. Also, I spent some time watching stand-up comedy just for some fun. My grandparents visited my house recently and I spent some quality time with them and my cousin. However, I didn’t miss any classes. The other thing that kept me busy were the interesting discussions I had with my sister (like a discussion on agricultural sector recently and whether MSP should be legalized).

But even after this break I am still a little confused on how to manage my workload and how I would tolerate the echo chamber for some months more (till the school reopens). I would urge the schools to look into this matter, and parents to talk to their children about it. Because mental health is for real! Taking it for granted is a big mistake.

PS: Now I would upload a blog regularly, just like before, once in a week. It may be short and not like the ones I used to write but that’s only till I get my momentum back. So, stay tuned and subscribe, it’s totally free! My latest post will directly land into your mail as soon as it is posted.


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