Myths about High Petrol and Diesel Prices

There have been a lot of explanations going around on WhatsApp, trying to justify the high petrol and diesel prices in India. Hence, I had to write this piece, although, my original plan was something else. So, without wasting any time, let’s get into it.

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India’s Youth Unemployment Data Shows Exponential Growth

Unemployment has become a major problem in India. And in the past decade, it has seen a sharp increase. This is something that all of us can see around us. A few weeks back, around 35,000 posts for Indian Railways attracted 1.25 crore applications. This alone shows the desperation among youth for employment.

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Why Exit Polls Go Wrong?

It is 2022 and the election season is around in India. In the next few months, we are going to have State Legislative Elections in five states. This includes elections in politically the most important state in India: Uttar Pradesh, and the heart of the Farmers’ protest: Punjab. But, before the results will be announced, we will see a lot of news channels conducting exit polls in these states to show you the probable winners.

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Gandhi, and Group Polarisation

Kangana Ranaut’s statement has once again created a controversy. In an interview, she said that India got its real independence in 2014. “…what we got [in 1947] was not Independence but alms.”
Statements like these by a national awardee are a disgrace to our society. And it also teaches us a couple of things. But first, let’s talk about some statistics.

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Of WhatsApp, Group Polarization, and Fake News

Last year, during the time of Delhi election, a message claiming that Arvind Kejriwal was accused of rape and was arrested in 1987 came in my family WhatsApp group. Well, it took me a single google search (nearly about 5 seconds) to find out that it was fake. Even when it was so easy to find out the truth, the fact is that someone shared it in our group and someone else in our group must have forwarded it to some other group. And that is how the instant messaging service has become one of the largest propagators of fake news. But how does it happen? What is the reason people believe in fake news?

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Society is The Court of Ethics and Morals

Central Vista Redevelopment project has been surrounded by controversies ever since it was announced. Going with such a large project when the average economic growth of the country declined for the fourth consecutive year in FY 2019-20, that is, the pre-pandemic year, seemed irresponsible. As we entered the pandemic, we not only saw one of the biggest economic contractions in the post-independence history, but also the Indian healthcare system collapsing miserably. The floating dead bodies on the banks of river Ganga are an open testimony to that. Personally, I know dozens of people who have lost their lives in this pandemic. But, even this didn’t prevent the current dispensation from continuing the massive project, or as the critics call it “Modi Mahal”.

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On Partisanship, Education Levels, and Free Vaccines

In 2006, two political scientists, Charles Taber and Milton Lodge, conducted an experiment to examine the way Americans thought about two randomly chosen controversial political issues: gun control and affirmative action. The participants were given arguments from both the sides to assess the strength and weakness of each. One would have thought that being asked to review the pros and cons, people with opposing views might create a shared understanding amoung them. Instead, they tried to look through the points that backed their existing beliefs as much as they can. When invited to assess the opposing arguments, they would spend considerable time thinking up ways to shoot them. Why did this happen?

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